Tuesday, 19 April 2011

She Blew Me.

You Blew me like a wind.
Swept me by my feet from the earth.
Captured me like a prisoner in your heart.
Grabbed me like a beast in ur arms, so that i dont slip away.
You Loved me like a mother.
You Protected me like a father.
You Cared for me like a sister.
You were there for me, when i wanted you.
You Belived in me and trusted me.
You Loved me so much.
I too loved you more than anyone.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Your So Far, Even Though Near.

So long, so far, Even Though Near.
Decived by the stars above.
Your the girl i was looking for all my life.
I have been wanting you and waiting for you.
You have been betrated by one u loved.
But i will make no mistake in betraying you untill am alive.
I will love you my life and will treate you lik my life.
My prayer is that you trust my love and belive in me.
I will love you my entire life and will be next to you no matter how far.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Your Love, My Heart.

Your love is like a sunrise to my heart.
Where in my heart is brightened with the joy, love and peace.
Your love is like winter to my heart with everlasting chilled breeze which rests my heart at peace.
Your love is lik the full moon which brings light to my lonesome heart and leads me to the right path.
Her Everlasting love still keeps my heart beating even if buried 6feet under.
Your love is da reason why am alive.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Rain Drops

Transperent Curtain of Pearl covering my window.
I wonder how ??
I never had a curtain of pearl covering my window !!
Ohhhh its raining !!!!
I could never think rain drops could make a curtain of Pearl !!
I walk out to see the curtain of Pearl from out.
The movement i went out; i felt the Pearl knocking my head.
I was cold, wet.
Each drop of pearl felt lik dancing on my head.
It was pearls playing drums on my head.
And i could'nt stop dancing.
Alass !!!!
The rain stopped.
I was happy, but sad as well.
I enjoyed the rain dance.
But was not able to see the Curtain of Pearl.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Angels Eyes

Angel eyes.
As beautiful as full moon on sky,
when I close my eyes I see my angels beautiful eyes,
I open and I see the same.
I will never want to see that beautiful eyes disappear from my memory forever.
I just love my angels beautiful eyes.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Amazing Thought

Amazing are my thoughts, Amazing are ur thoughts.
Our thoughts are completly different, 'Cos god has made us for each other.
Far apart from u, i have learned to miss u and love u.
Anywhere and Everyhwere i feel u by my side holding my hands.
When i wake up; i smell for fragrence around me.
I hear ur sweet voice in my head when am idle.
Da reason am writting poems is, to express my love to u.
And tell u how much i love u and y i love u.
Your da reason am in love.

Thy Hands

Thy Lovely hands, i will hold forever till thine lay myself down.
Thy lovey hands comfort me when am in dismay.
Thy lovely arms are always open wide for thine to hold'st thou.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Love you forever.

So long so far, decived by the stars above.
Ur the girl i was looking for all my life.
I have been wanting u and waiting for u.
U have been betrated by one u loved.
But i will make no mistake in betraying u untill am alive.
I will love u my life and will treate u lik my life.
My prayer is dat u trust my love and belive in me.
I will love u my entire life and will be next to u no matter how far.

My Love

My Love is lik a spring in a pond, which never dries out.
My Love is lik a bed of cloud, when u rest u never feel restless.
My Love is ur destiney & fate of your future.
My Love by your side, you can do anything impossible in your life.
My Love ohhh my love will always be on your side in saddness and sickness.
My Love will protect you in danger, and will comfort you in grief.
I knw my love would have given you lots of pain.
But i assure you My Love will cure all the pain and the wounds,
by loving you more and more than ever before.
This is my Promises MY LOVE.

Monday, 4 April 2011

A Dream

Spot light on me, ppl watchin me & starin at me, i don knw y.
I start think should i talk or should i jus walk away from da spot,
i start to think is dis spot light for me or some1 else.
And den from da crowd i hea my name being cheered.
"sam, sam, sam" i don knw y am standin under a spot light,
Den i hear a thick voice from backstage, same say something.
Den i realize its my frnd askin me to read out a poem.
Den i realize am a poet when i start talkin, i hea music in my head, i open my eyes.
Its my alarm ringing, and den i realize i was jus dreaming.