Tuesday, 21 August 2012

*Broken Heart*

You were the closet one to my heart,

I found a rare diamond,
I found a priceless antique,
I found a broken piece of my heart.
And that was you my freind.

Now that your gone,

I have lost a rare diamond,
I hate lost a priceless antique,
I have lost the broken piece of my heart.
I have lost you my friend.

It always happens when i find a special friend like you.

*Ohhhh Beautiful Night*

Sweet feeling of the night,
Fresh air from the trees,
Soothing sound of the darkest hour &
Hidden Moon.

Ohhhhh Beautiful Night

Beautiful dark night,
Covered by Green Trees,
Sparkling stars with bright fire flies.

Ohhhh Beautiful Night

Sinful bright moon,
Lustful weather condition,
Betrayal dark hour and you to LOVE.

Ohhhh Crazy Beautiful Night.