Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Mother Oh! Mother Oh!
You are none lik other.
You handled my like a feather.
You kept me safe me like a treasure.
You loved me like a lover.

Oh Mother!
You are none like other.
You are the reason i breath.
You are the reason i live.
You are the reason am alive.
If not for u GOD knows where i would be.

Love u mother.
I am fearless cause ur my strenght.
I need not be afraid of any arrow which has been shot at nite,
as ur my sheild.

Mother oh! Mother oh!
Where i would be if not for u.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Love Bug

Once bitten by Love Bug.
Its sweets as honey, rich as money.
Every thing in da world is on cloud 9.
Love Bug cant be seen, but can be felt.
Love Bug cant be seen, but imagined.
Once bitten by a bug its a life time scare.
The scare stays engraved on the heart.
That scare can never be manipulated.

Your Happiness

I 1st time i saw u i liked u.
U started talking to me i fell in love wit u.
I told u i loved u, u agreed.
We both loved each other lik never before.

We started having fights between each other for others.
U started hating me cause of dat, but i still loved u.
U blamed saying my love was reducing.
U blamed me am not da same.
U blamed me am not responsible.

But i still loved u da same.
I never blamed u for anything.
I kept loving u more and more.
But u didnt feel it,Cause i never was in ur heart.

Den u came to a conclusion.
We shall break up !!!
Cause ??"u were not happy with me"
I was not happy with ur decision.
But to make u happy i had to agree.

Den u said we'll be frnds.
I agreed for ur happiness.
Den one day u called saying !!
" I don wana talk to u, i wana live my life peacefull"

My Heart broke instantlly.
I could not do anything abt it.
I wantd to see u happy.
So i sacrificed my happiness for ur happiness.

Near "YOU"

Near u, But far from ur heart.
I can see u face to face, but ur invicible.
I can feel u, but u wont let me touch u.
I love u, but ur heart hates me.
We lived in peace, but still u want peace away from me.

My heart says u still love me, but my mind say u dont.
I don knw who to listen to.
Am broken into thousand piecs.
I tried to fix it, glue it and stich it.
But am not able to put it together.

Thought my mind says u don love me.
I will keep loving u as i promised.
How ever far or near.
My heart will go on for u.

I'll be Near "YOU"

Miss "U"

I have no more to think abt.
I missed those days, when i was in ur arms.I missed the hugs & kisses.
I missed the slangs u called me with love.

Those days when u were with me no matter wat.
Those days when i never felt lonely.
Those days wen i loved by u till da day lasted.
Those days werein i never missed u for a second.
These days u aint with me.
These days am lonely wen i go to bed.
These days am not loved da way i used to.
These days i miss u every milli seconds.

Baby i miss u in my life.
Baby i love u so much.
Baby i wanan cherrish my life with u.
Baby i wana love u till da earth stands still.

Will love lik its my last day.
Will be with u till da diamonds lose der shine.
Will admire u lik da bright round moon in da sky.
Will protect u lik ur da last hope for da world to stand still.


My Head, Ur Love & My Heart.

My head thinking thousand things.
Its asking me to run away from dis world.
Its asking me to hide from fear, pain and tensions.
Its asking me to be banished from the society.
Da only thing which is stopping me is ur love.

Ur love is stopping me from listning to my head.
Ur love is asking me not run, but face dis world.
Ur love is asking me to overcome da fear, pain and kill tension.
Ur love is asking me to banish da word banish from my head.
My heart says: my love is no more with u.
Ur heart is not accepting my love, to create a connection anymore.

I think i need to move on ahead in life.
I need to survive in dis jungle called life.
It has lots of wild animals, deadly inscets and creepy crawling.
I need to move on.

Ur love has though me so many things which i cant explain in words.
Thanks u so much my love my life.

Angel From heaven

A Bright Light from the heavens.
Shining down on the world.
Light so bright, lighting half da world.
Behold an angel ridding on a cloud,Shining lik a sun.
I heard music all over the world, the angel being welcomed to world of darkness.
Angel so holy and clean, white as milk, pure as honey,
beautifull as the moon.
And her face shining lik thousands of diamond facing the sun.
I wished to she her face, jus a glance would do.
She turned and looked at me, i stood amazed for the beauty, for
the eyes glittering lik pearls, her lips soft and tasty as a
chocolate cake, her body ohhhhhhh !!
I jus stood amazed, as she came near me; kissed me and
I still stood amazed and unbelived.
I stood amazed !!!!!

Live in the Ocean

I wantd to dive into the ocean to wonder ??
How it is down under !!
I felt no difference at all !!!
Instead of the wind kissing, water is sliding alover me,feeling me & kissing me.ohhhh wat a felling, i never felt anything lik dat, so soft so

There is no gravity, i was floating underwater.
Being pushed from front to back.
The nature of the underwater.
Coral replace the plants.
Huge rocks replace the Trees.
Crabs replace Scropions.
Fishes replace Cats & Dogs.
Humans are replace by Sharks & Whales.
Would love to live hea.

And when the sunshines on the water surface,u see rainbow with color unimaginable.
The smell of the water "undiscrible"
The feel of the water is untouchable.
All in all a wonderfull dream underwater.