Monday, 5 December 2011


I may forget to HUG YOU.
I may forget to KISS YOU.
I may forget to HOLD YOU.

But I will never forget to say I LOVE YOU.

I may forget to CALL YOU.
I may forget to MESSAGE YOU.
I may forget to MEET YOU.

But I will never forget to say I LOVE YOU.

I may CRY.
I may LAUGH.

But I will never stop to say I LOVE YOU.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

You Are Engraved

You are in my life.
You are in my soul.
You are in my blood.
Your name runs in my veins.

Your face is engraved in my heart.
Your face is stored in my eyes.
Your face is engraved on my skin.
Your face appears in my dreams.

Your Love Enlightens my life.
Your Love Lives in me.
Your Love has Spell bounded me.
Your Love has showed me Life.

You have been Engraved in ME.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Why do you hate me?

What have I done that you hate me?
I cared for you, is that why you hate me.
I loved you so much, is that why you hate me.
I believed in you, is that why you hate me.
I understood you, is that why you hate me.
Ohhhh My head I don't understand why she hates my.
Ohhhh My heart I don't know why.
Ohhhh GOD please help me in understanding the problem.
I loved her, I am hated.
I cared for her, I am hated.
I miss her, I am hated.
I believed her, I am hated.
Is it me or my heart, which is confused with so many question.
What happened to me, I was not like this.
She mellowed me.
She made me everything I am today.
Why do you hate me ???

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

 I Miss you so much.
When I hear the sound of an anklet.
I search for you.
My heart longs to see your face.
My nose longs to smell you.
I Love You so much.
I Long to see you.
My eyes has missed you so much.
I Long to hear you.
My ears miss your sweet voice.
I Long to feel you.
My hands are longing to hold you tight.
I Long to sense you.
My senses miss your presence, my senses wants to sense you.
All In All I Miss you and Love you so much.

Lonely I Am

Lonely I am without you.
Lonely I am in my dreams.
Lonely I am in this crowed world.
Lonely I will be untill you come back.

Lovely I will be with you.
Lovely dreams I shall dream about you.
Lovely I will look in crowd with you.
Lovely my life will be with you.

What a lovely gift you are my love.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Forget Me Not

Forget me not as I live in your memories.
Forget me not as I conquer your dreams.
Forget me not as I run in your veins
Forget me not as I am your shadow in dark.

I will not forget you.
Cause you are engraved in my heart.

I will not forget you.
Cause you have fulfilled my dreams.

I might forget to breath but I will never forget to miss you and love.

Forget me not my baby.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Baby Doll

My Doll as beautiful as ever.
As lovely and darling as ever.
As Pretty as a angel.
As cute as a baby.
My Doll,
You look beautiful in Maroon & Lavender.
For the matter of fact, you are the prettiest girl I have ever met in my life.
I feel like loving you more and more as the days pass by.
I feel like protecting to from everything which can harm you.
I feel like hugging you ever time you look cute.
I feel like kissing you every time you smile.
You are my cutest baby doll.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Dont Feel Loney

Don't feel lonely am there for you.
Don't feel lonely am beside you always.
Don't feel lonely I will be there to hug you.
Don't feel lonely am there to hold your hand.
Don't feel lonely am there to wipe your tears when it rains.
Don't cry and shed tears when am the smile on your face.
Always smile cause you look excited and loved when you smile.
When ever you look back am following you.
When ever you look ahead am leading you.
When ever you look to your right am holding your hand and walking.

Thursday, 8 September 2011


Hmmmm not in a mood to do anything.
Just want to ly down on green grass like lying in your arm.
Just strare at the stars as they twinkle lik your eyes twinkle.
Feel the fresh air as your blowing on my face.
As watching the stars feel like the moon is drawing itself towards me.
Just as i feel drawen towards you.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I Am Loved

Long Ride on my bike, with you covering my back.
Wind blowing on my face and you whispering in my ears.
As  i ride, i feel you holding me tight, scared that you'll fall.
My concentration is on you that your safe holding me and dont fall.
I would rather fall than letting you fall.

As i ride, i feel you feeling me.
Your holding me like you never want to let go.
You kiss me on my neck and make me feel you are safe in my arms.
I feel the love for me in your heart.

I am covered by your love.
I am cared by your love.
I am protected by your love.
I am loved by your heart.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Your Memory

I feel like moving on with life.
But your love is not letting me move on.
I love that feeling, Broken up but still patched up.
Rejected but still accepted.Ignored but still accompanied.
Hated but still loved.Thrown into dustbin but still recycled.
I just cant forget you, no matter you are away from my life.

You will always be alive in this tiny little heart.
Your love will keep this heart pumping blood.
Your smile will wake me up from bed every morning.
Your kiss on my head will put me to sleep.

I will live my life with you in my memories.
I will treasure each movement spent with youI will remember every kiss and hugs.

Thanks for being with me MY LOVE.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

You Are My Diamond

People might say that you are jus a piece of glass.
What do people know that what seems to be a piece of glass shines
like a diamond in my dark heart.

At day you might look like piece of glass cause glass shine at
the reflection of sunlight, but you my diamond shine at night
for the reflection of moon light.

You shine in my dark heart.
You reflect like water in my eyes.
My diamond I will not take chances or afford to lose you.
I don't mind tearing my chest and hiding you inside me,
so that I don't lose you.

Be my diamond forever,
You are priceless, I didnt buy, but i earned you my diamond.

Be mine baby forever.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I'm Lonely

I'm lonely.
My friends are around.
But am lonely.
My family is around me.
But am still lonely.
Am surrounded by people.
But am lonely.

Why am i lonely, i never felt so lonely.
But since i lost you i've always felt lonely.
Your not around am lonely.

My life is like the galaxy with you, you rule my universe.
Make my life full, release me from the dungeons of lonely.
Hold me with your love.

Complete me by joining your life with mine.

I will love you till death.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Love is Fire

Love is like fire, spreads like wild fire.
Love is like water, quenching thirsty souls.
Love is like air, blowing ur heart left to right.
Love is like earth, which gives u shelter and food.

Your love is lik fire baby ohhh ya burning blue in my heart.
Your love is like water sweets, filling my thirsty soul.
Your love is like air baby, blowing me away from the world.
Your love is like earth sweets, sheltering me with your love.

Friday, 3 June 2011

I Found You

I Found you when i was depressed.
I found you when i wanted some1 to comfort me.
I found you when i was in pain.
I found you when i needed a shoulder.

You where there when i was depressed.
You comforted me.
You encouraged me to live life.
You showed me love.

You bandaged my wound and your kiss took the pain away.
Your shoulder was, is and will be my pillow so dat i can lay my head when i need.

Thanks for being with me, caring for me and loving me

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Her kiss drived me wild.
Her touch made me a man.
Her brains made me inteligent.
Her happiness quncened my thirst.
Her love made me whole.
Her hug kept me warm.
Her eyes filled my eyes.
All in all she has completed "ME".

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Out of the blue

Out of the blue you came, made me think my life has some meaning
when it was all broken,
Out of the blue you came added color in my black and white life.
Out of the blue you came made my life from sore to sweet.
Out of the blue you came and companied me when i was alone.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

She Loves Me

When da night dropped on me.
Fought wit da moon and bought it out to light my life.
when da sun was burning my skin wit the heat.
Fought wit da wind and the cloud to rain cold water and blow cool breez to keep me in comfort.
Because she loves Me.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Am All Alone

Am all alone in this world.
No one special to look for.
No one special to love.
No one special to miss.
No one special to share my feelings.
No one special to trouble.
No one special to play around.
No one special to crack jokes and make her laugh.
No one special to hug & kiss on the head.
No one special to hold hands and walk around, like the world is our's.
No one special to talk to when in grief.
No one special to wipe my tears when its raining.

Am all alone in this world.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

In My Heart

As i close the door behind my back.
I hear ur voice saying i love my teddy bear.
I turn around but i don see you.
As i walk futher.
You again hear your voice i love you my baby.
I pinch myself, am i dreaming.
I again hear your voice.
I then realise, its my heart.
I aint dreamin nor day walkin.
Your in my heart and my heart will go on.
Your thoughts aint in my head but in my heart.
You will alway be remembered in my heart.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Light Of My Love

As i walk into the night.
Am being followed by a light.

The light of love.

Light of love gives me light as i walk the dark.
Light of love gives me strenght to survie the journey.
Light of love provides me the comfort and knowledge.

Light of love is you.

You bring light in my life.
You give me strenght to live life.
You love me and comfort me in my grief.
You shun darkness from my life every single mintue.


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

She Blew Me.

You Blew me like a wind.
Swept me by my feet from the earth.
Captured me like a prisoner in your heart.
Grabbed me like a beast in ur arms, so that i dont slip away.
You Loved me like a mother.
You Protected me like a father.
You Cared for me like a sister.
You were there for me, when i wanted you.
You Belived in me and trusted me.
You Loved me so much.
I too loved you more than anyone.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Your So Far, Even Though Near.

So long, so far, Even Though Near.
Decived by the stars above.
Your the girl i was looking for all my life.
I have been wanting you and waiting for you.
You have been betrated by one u loved.
But i will make no mistake in betraying you untill am alive.
I will love you my life and will treate you lik my life.
My prayer is that you trust my love and belive in me.
I will love you my entire life and will be next to you no matter how far.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Your Love, My Heart.

Your love is like a sunrise to my heart.
Where in my heart is brightened with the joy, love and peace.
Your love is like winter to my heart with everlasting chilled breeze which rests my heart at peace.
Your love is lik the full moon which brings light to my lonesome heart and leads me to the right path.
Her Everlasting love still keeps my heart beating even if buried 6feet under.
Your love is da reason why am alive.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Rain Drops

Transperent Curtain of Pearl covering my window.
I wonder how ??
I never had a curtain of pearl covering my window !!
Ohhhh its raining !!!!
I could never think rain drops could make a curtain of Pearl !!
I walk out to see the curtain of Pearl from out.
The movement i went out; i felt the Pearl knocking my head.
I was cold, wet.
Each drop of pearl felt lik dancing on my head.
It was pearls playing drums on my head.
And i could'nt stop dancing.
Alass !!!!
The rain stopped.
I was happy, but sad as well.
I enjoyed the rain dance.
But was not able to see the Curtain of Pearl.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Angels Eyes

Angel eyes.
As beautiful as full moon on sky,
when I close my eyes I see my angels beautiful eyes,
I open and I see the same.
I will never want to see that beautiful eyes disappear from my memory forever.
I just love my angels beautiful eyes.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Amazing Thought

Amazing are my thoughts, Amazing are ur thoughts.
Our thoughts are completly different, 'Cos god has made us for each other.
Far apart from u, i have learned to miss u and love u.
Anywhere and Everyhwere i feel u by my side holding my hands.
When i wake up; i smell for fragrence around me.
I hear ur sweet voice in my head when am idle.
Da reason am writting poems is, to express my love to u.
And tell u how much i love u and y i love u.
Your da reason am in love.

Thy Hands

Thy Lovely hands, i will hold forever till thine lay myself down.
Thy lovey hands comfort me when am in dismay.
Thy lovely arms are always open wide for thine to hold'st thou.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Love you forever.

So long so far, decived by the stars above.
Ur the girl i was looking for all my life.
I have been wanting u and waiting for u.
U have been betrated by one u loved.
But i will make no mistake in betraying u untill am alive.
I will love u my life and will treate u lik my life.
My prayer is dat u trust my love and belive in me.
I will love u my entire life and will be next to u no matter how far.

My Love

My Love is lik a spring in a pond, which never dries out.
My Love is lik a bed of cloud, when u rest u never feel restless.
My Love is ur destiney & fate of your future.
My Love by your side, you can do anything impossible in your life.
My Love ohhh my love will always be on your side in saddness and sickness.
My Love will protect you in danger, and will comfort you in grief.
I knw my love would have given you lots of pain.
But i assure you My Love will cure all the pain and the wounds,
by loving you more and more than ever before.
This is my Promises MY LOVE.

Monday, 4 April 2011

A Dream

Spot light on me, ppl watchin me & starin at me, i don knw y.
I start think should i talk or should i jus walk away from da spot,
i start to think is dis spot light for me or some1 else.
And den from da crowd i hea my name being cheered.
"sam, sam, sam" i don knw y am standin under a spot light,
Den i hear a thick voice from backstage, same say something.
Den i realize its my frnd askin me to read out a poem.
Den i realize am a poet when i start talkin, i hea music in my head, i open my eyes.
Its my alarm ringing, and den i realize i was jus dreaming.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Mother Oh! Mother Oh!
You are none lik other.
You handled my like a feather.
You kept me safe me like a treasure.
You loved me like a lover.

Oh Mother!
You are none like other.
You are the reason i breath.
You are the reason i live.
You are the reason am alive.
If not for u GOD knows where i would be.

Love u mother.
I am fearless cause ur my strenght.
I need not be afraid of any arrow which has been shot at nite,
as ur my sheild.

Mother oh! Mother oh!
Where i would be if not for u.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Love Bug

Once bitten by Love Bug.
Its sweets as honey, rich as money.
Every thing in da world is on cloud 9.
Love Bug cant be seen, but can be felt.
Love Bug cant be seen, but imagined.
Once bitten by a bug its a life time scare.
The scare stays engraved on the heart.
That scare can never be manipulated.

Your Happiness

I 1st time i saw u i liked u.
U started talking to me i fell in love wit u.
I told u i loved u, u agreed.
We both loved each other lik never before.

We started having fights between each other for others.
U started hating me cause of dat, but i still loved u.
U blamed saying my love was reducing.
U blamed me am not da same.
U blamed me am not responsible.

But i still loved u da same.
I never blamed u for anything.
I kept loving u more and more.
But u didnt feel it,Cause i never was in ur heart.

Den u came to a conclusion.
We shall break up !!!
Cause ??"u were not happy with me"
I was not happy with ur decision.
But to make u happy i had to agree.

Den u said we'll be frnds.
I agreed for ur happiness.
Den one day u called saying !!
" I don wana talk to u, i wana live my life peacefull"

My Heart broke instantlly.
I could not do anything abt it.
I wantd to see u happy.
So i sacrificed my happiness for ur happiness.

Near "YOU"

Near u, But far from ur heart.
I can see u face to face, but ur invicible.
I can feel u, but u wont let me touch u.
I love u, but ur heart hates me.
We lived in peace, but still u want peace away from me.

My heart says u still love me, but my mind say u dont.
I don knw who to listen to.
Am broken into thousand piecs.
I tried to fix it, glue it and stich it.
But am not able to put it together.

Thought my mind says u don love me.
I will keep loving u as i promised.
How ever far or near.
My heart will go on for u.

I'll be Near "YOU"

Miss "U"

I have no more to think abt.
I missed those days, when i was in ur arms.I missed the hugs & kisses.
I missed the slangs u called me with love.

Those days when u were with me no matter wat.
Those days when i never felt lonely.
Those days wen i loved by u till da day lasted.
Those days werein i never missed u for a second.
These days u aint with me.
These days am lonely wen i go to bed.
These days am not loved da way i used to.
These days i miss u every milli seconds.

Baby i miss u in my life.
Baby i love u so much.
Baby i wanan cherrish my life with u.
Baby i wana love u till da earth stands still.

Will love lik its my last day.
Will be with u till da diamonds lose der shine.
Will admire u lik da bright round moon in da sky.
Will protect u lik ur da last hope for da world to stand still.


My Head, Ur Love & My Heart.

My head thinking thousand things.
Its asking me to run away from dis world.
Its asking me to hide from fear, pain and tensions.
Its asking me to be banished from the society.
Da only thing which is stopping me is ur love.

Ur love is stopping me from listning to my head.
Ur love is asking me not run, but face dis world.
Ur love is asking me to overcome da fear, pain and kill tension.
Ur love is asking me to banish da word banish from my head.
My heart says: my love is no more with u.
Ur heart is not accepting my love, to create a connection anymore.

I think i need to move on ahead in life.
I need to survive in dis jungle called life.
It has lots of wild animals, deadly inscets and creepy crawling.
I need to move on.

Ur love has though me so many things which i cant explain in words.
Thanks u so much my love my life.

Angel From heaven

A Bright Light from the heavens.
Shining down on the world.
Light so bright, lighting half da world.
Behold an angel ridding on a cloud,Shining lik a sun.
I heard music all over the world, the angel being welcomed to world of darkness.
Angel so holy and clean, white as milk, pure as honey,
beautifull as the moon.
And her face shining lik thousands of diamond facing the sun.
I wished to she her face, jus a glance would do.
She turned and looked at me, i stood amazed for the beauty, for
the eyes glittering lik pearls, her lips soft and tasty as a
chocolate cake, her body ohhhhhhh !!
I jus stood amazed, as she came near me; kissed me and
I still stood amazed and unbelived.
I stood amazed !!!!!

Live in the Ocean

I wantd to dive into the ocean to wonder ??
How it is down under !!
I felt no difference at all !!!
Instead of the wind kissing, water is sliding alover me,feeling me & kissing me.ohhhh wat a felling, i never felt anything lik dat, so soft so

There is no gravity, i was floating underwater.
Being pushed from front to back.
The nature of the underwater.
Coral replace the plants.
Huge rocks replace the Trees.
Crabs replace Scropions.
Fishes replace Cats & Dogs.
Humans are replace by Sharks & Whales.
Would love to live hea.

And when the sunshines on the water surface,u see rainbow with color unimaginable.
The smell of the water "undiscrible"
The feel of the water is untouchable.
All in all a wonderfull dream underwater.