Monday, 28 March 2011

Live in the Ocean

I wantd to dive into the ocean to wonder ??
How it is down under !!
I felt no difference at all !!!
Instead of the wind kissing, water is sliding alover me,feeling me & kissing me.ohhhh wat a felling, i never felt anything lik dat, so soft so

There is no gravity, i was floating underwater.
Being pushed from front to back.
The nature of the underwater.
Coral replace the plants.
Huge rocks replace the Trees.
Crabs replace Scropions.
Fishes replace Cats & Dogs.
Humans are replace by Sharks & Whales.
Would love to live hea.

And when the sunshines on the water surface,u see rainbow with color unimaginable.
The smell of the water "undiscrible"
The feel of the water is untouchable.
All in all a wonderfull dream underwater.

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