Monday, 28 March 2011

Your Happiness

I 1st time i saw u i liked u.
U started talking to me i fell in love wit u.
I told u i loved u, u agreed.
We both loved each other lik never before.

We started having fights between each other for others.
U started hating me cause of dat, but i still loved u.
U blamed saying my love was reducing.
U blamed me am not da same.
U blamed me am not responsible.

But i still loved u da same.
I never blamed u for anything.
I kept loving u more and more.
But u didnt feel it,Cause i never was in ur heart.

Den u came to a conclusion.
We shall break up !!!
Cause ??"u were not happy with me"
I was not happy with ur decision.
But to make u happy i had to agree.

Den u said we'll be frnds.
I agreed for ur happiness.
Den one day u called saying !!
" I don wana talk to u, i wana live my life peacefull"

My Heart broke instantlly.
I could not do anything abt it.
I wantd to see u happy.
So i sacrificed my happiness for ur happiness.

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