Monday, 28 March 2011

Miss "U"

I have no more to think abt.
I missed those days, when i was in ur arms.I missed the hugs & kisses.
I missed the slangs u called me with love.

Those days when u were with me no matter wat.
Those days when i never felt lonely.
Those days wen i loved by u till da day lasted.
Those days werein i never missed u for a second.
These days u aint with me.
These days am lonely wen i go to bed.
These days am not loved da way i used to.
These days i miss u every milli seconds.

Baby i miss u in my life.
Baby i love u so much.
Baby i wanan cherrish my life with u.
Baby i wana love u till da earth stands still.

Will love lik its my last day.
Will be with u till da diamonds lose der shine.
Will admire u lik da bright round moon in da sky.
Will protect u lik ur da last hope for da world to stand still.


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