Monday, 28 March 2011

Angel From heaven

A Bright Light from the heavens.
Shining down on the world.
Light so bright, lighting half da world.
Behold an angel ridding on a cloud,Shining lik a sun.
I heard music all over the world, the angel being welcomed to world of darkness.
Angel so holy and clean, white as milk, pure as honey,
beautifull as the moon.
And her face shining lik thousands of diamond facing the sun.
I wished to she her face, jus a glance would do.
She turned and looked at me, i stood amazed for the beauty, for
the eyes glittering lik pearls, her lips soft and tasty as a
chocolate cake, her body ohhhhhhh !!
I jus stood amazed, as she came near me; kissed me and
I still stood amazed and unbelived.
I stood amazed !!!!!

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