Monday, 28 March 2011

My Head, Ur Love & My Heart.

My head thinking thousand things.
Its asking me to run away from dis world.
Its asking me to hide from fear, pain and tensions.
Its asking me to be banished from the society.
Da only thing which is stopping me is ur love.

Ur love is stopping me from listning to my head.
Ur love is asking me not run, but face dis world.
Ur love is asking me to overcome da fear, pain and kill tension.
Ur love is asking me to banish da word banish from my head.
My heart says: my love is no more with u.
Ur heart is not accepting my love, to create a connection anymore.

I think i need to move on ahead in life.
I need to survive in dis jungle called life.
It has lots of wild animals, deadly inscets and creepy crawling.
I need to move on.

Ur love has though me so many things which i cant explain in words.
Thanks u so much my love my life.

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