Friday, 22 July 2011

Your Memory

I feel like moving on with life.
But your love is not letting me move on.
I love that feeling, Broken up but still patched up.
Rejected but still accepted.Ignored but still accompanied.
Hated but still loved.Thrown into dustbin but still recycled.
I just cant forget you, no matter you are away from my life.

You will always be alive in this tiny little heart.
Your love will keep this heart pumping blood.
Your smile will wake me up from bed every morning.
Your kiss on my head will put me to sleep.

I will live my life with you in my memories.
I will treasure each movement spent with youI will remember every kiss and hugs.

Thanks for being with me MY LOVE.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

You Are My Diamond

People might say that you are jus a piece of glass.
What do people know that what seems to be a piece of glass shines
like a diamond in my dark heart.

At day you might look like piece of glass cause glass shine at
the reflection of sunlight, but you my diamond shine at night
for the reflection of moon light.

You shine in my dark heart.
You reflect like water in my eyes.
My diamond I will not take chances or afford to lose you.
I don't mind tearing my chest and hiding you inside me,
so that I don't lose you.

Be my diamond forever,
You are priceless, I didnt buy, but i earned you my diamond.

Be mine baby forever.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I'm Lonely

I'm lonely.
My friends are around.
But am lonely.
My family is around me.
But am still lonely.
Am surrounded by people.
But am lonely.

Why am i lonely, i never felt so lonely.
But since i lost you i've always felt lonely.
Your not around am lonely.

My life is like the galaxy with you, you rule my universe.
Make my life full, release me from the dungeons of lonely.
Hold me with your love.

Complete me by joining your life with mine.

I will love you till death.